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Each month our menus change and evolve based on seasonal ingredients and ensuring that there is plenty of variety each time that you visit throughout the year.

Our latest menu is to be introduced on Friday 2nd June.

We’d like to share with you a bit more detail of what’s going on in our new menus.

In The Restaurant this June…it’s all about the Cornish Brown Crab. Appearing on both our Aleyn (4 course) and Elizabeth (6 course) menus.

One of Heston’s favourite childhood memories – days out at the seaside – got our chefs reminiscing about what made it so special for them too. Turns out it was food (unsurprisingly) and after a morning spent splashing in our less-than-tropical waters, the anticipation as kids, running up the sand to a soup and sandwich packed lunch, was something they all loved.

So this June, in homage to our great British seaside, we’ve brought back the Crab Sandwich and Soup.

And in true Hind’s Head style, it comes with a twist.

Our soup has a light and silky texture, perfect for a summer’s day and is made with both green and brown crab from Cornwall. The chefs finish it by lightly frothing just before serving and grating over a little coffee – a flourish that surprisingly works.

The sandwich is served ‘open’ on a piece of grilled sourdough, spread firstly with a layer of shrimp butter, then some tomato fondue. Next up is some fragrant white crab salad and picked brown crab bound in a crab mayonnaise, with some pickled cucumber and lemon to add a crunch of acidity. A mixture of fine herbs finishes it beautifully.

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