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Upstairs in the Royal Lounge this July, we’re celebrating one of our own signature cocktails, “Great Expectations”.

Legend has it that the prolific author and great social commentator of Victorian London, Charles Dickens used to drink a flavoursome alcoholic mix before writing some of his finest novels.

Based on a heady mix of navy strength rum mixed with Napoleon brandy and lemon syrup, this deceptively light drink was diluted with some freshly boiled water and served with lemon. In honour of the historic original recipe, we have replicated the key components but added a few of our own, including a little lemon and lime flesh, a bit of cherry and a twist of orange zest to balance the citrus.

It’s light and refreshing on a balmy summer evening and served with a surprise twist to conjure up that great expectation!

Join us and discover the mystery for yourself…

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