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Featuring on the four course Aleyn menu in The Restaurant, we’re heralding another of our favourite ingredients. This month’s dish is all about the strawberry and showcasing it in its entire summery splendour. Conjuring up cricket whites, Wimbledon or the scent of freshly mown grass, we’re welcoming in the summer with a Strawberry Tart like no other.

Whilst researching our book ‘Historic Heston’, we discovered that Britain’s love of this glorious fruit went as far back as Tudor times, when King Henry VIII’s penchant for the strawberry was first documented. It was during this era that the original ‘Tart of Strawberries’ was first recorded in ‘A Book of Cookrye’ in 1591. Here at The Hind’s Head we’ve strayed somewhat from the original, updating it with a playful twist and putting the natural flavour of the strawberry center stage.

Firstly, a thick layer of sponge, flavoured with fresh mint is topped with vanilla cream, before a layer of strawberry gel is drizzled on top. Then come the fresh strawberries, lightly caramelised with a chamomile infused sugar and garnished with a little basil and crystallised pistachios for some gentle crunch. Just seconds before it leaves the kitchen, the chefs add a final summer flourish in the form of a refreshing elderflower sorbet, bringing all our favourite flavours together. A truly wonderful combination.

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